The Spiritual Practice of Reiki

We realize at this time in history that we live in an inter-spiritual age. This means that the fruits of genuine spiritual awakening among us are meant to bless us all. One such flowering of the Spirit is known as Reiki. Reiki is a powerful healing energy on the planet today that is available to … Read more

Transcendent Wisdom vs. Conventional Wisdom

It is crucial to get the difference between what I have termed “transcendent loving wisdom” is and what is commonly referred to as “conventional wisdom.” When we are moved by faith, trust, hope, and love to open to Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom, we are opening to the Source of all that is. What is most … Read more

The Spiritual and Physical Causes of Ill-Health

I have no doubt that Spirit guided me to embrace the healing wisdom of Hanna Kroeger. She was known as “The Grandmother of Health” and her work has blessed countless lives. The foundation for her way of healing is her development of “The 7 Physical and 7 Spiritual Causes of Ill-Health.” Over the past 22 … Read more

Transcendent Loving Wisdom Discerns All Things

In these articles it is good to remember the foundational insight in my book: human life is a call to respond to Spirit understood as our eternal loving source, unfailing guide, and the final goal of all that is. The image of transcendent loving wisdom as the love that moves the sun and other stars, … Read more

How Transcendent Loving Wisdom is the Healer of Pain and Grief

Spirit, “Transcendent Loving Wisdom” is the outpouring divine mystery of love that expresses itself in the entire created Cosmos, and for our considerations here, our planet Mother Earth and all the life forms on Earth. Most especially we are meant to experience wonder and awe that we are the zenith of the eternal mystery of … Read more

Human Life is a Call to Respond to Spirit 

The ultimate human quest is a quest for that depth of meaning proclaimed by all the world’s major religious traditions. The individuals that gave rise to these traditions experienced the eternal source, or Spirit, breaking through to their consciousness. We glimpse what this is when we consider the words of two of the most significant … Read more