The Benefits of Having a Private Session or Attending a Workshop

The benefits of having a private session with me in person or by phone, is that you are allowing yourself to bring forth your entire life experience in the light of the universal call from Spirit given to humanity. And in doing this, you are in some way sensing deep down that eternal-divine reality that is in and through all that you are, is yearning to breakthrough to you.

A profound philosopher, Eric Voegelin, speaks of this as “the mystery of divine-human participation in which all human beings are involved – to the extent that they actually rise to their potential humanity.” When we seek to awaken to the mystery of divine-human participation we are also in communion with all our fellow beings, who in responding to the call from Spirit, realized the highest potential of their humanity.

Whenever someone comes for a session, the first thing I do is to ask in what way do they want to call upon their eternal source/spiritual family. We are always one with our brothers and sisters of every time and place who have responded to their divine calling. And we are one with all present with us on earth now who are in quest of the Spirit’s call in their lives.

A session always begins with a guided meditation to awaken and experience the eternal communion of love with your eternal loving source/spiritual family enveloping you. You will be given a period silence wherein you listen to what Spirit would have you present for the session. Generally the two things that people present are – relationship and health issues. Whatever you present, I will take note of it. Then with my way of accessing transcendent loving wisdom by making use of my pendulum charts, I bring forth the prayer for guidance presented in article two:

What blessing, healing, illumination does Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom now bring forth in my life that I may realize my call to serve the highest good of all, myself, and everyone as the beloved sacred spirit-persons we are created/called to be, indeed that we truly are?

After this I will continue to ask “what Spirit would bring forth?” Generally, what comes forth is any intergenerational limiting/negative perceptions imprinted upon you in the first five years. There could also be stored pain and grief from other relationship in later life. This comes forth for your awareness of what is calling to be released through my guiding you in a meditation with your eternal loving source/spiritual family.

After this initial phase of the session, I will continue to ask for guidance on your behalf. This may include guiding you in the body meditation. This will include asking for 100% healing modalities needed for “the wholeness of mind and body” to respond to your call from Spirit. Spirit will bring forth other areas that concern your well-being – diet, sleep, exercise … gemstones, flower essences, essential oils, and even a Tarot, I-Ching reading. I always trust Spirit will discern whatever is for your highest blessing.

Two other crucial focuses I will ask you are: Do you want to consider what a daily spiritual practice is for you and also a way that you can access Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom for realizing your call to embody divine qualities? When we cultivate each day giving birth to such qualities as love, compassion, and forgiveness towards ourselves and everyone, we open to the highest potential of our humanity.

A session also can include praying for anyone that comes to mind. In this case we will radiate light to whomever that might be. You may want to ask what Spirit would make you aware about concerning those you relate to that is a cause of grief. Transcendent loving wisdom always yearns to bring forth greater harmony in all our relationships.

An image for a session is that it is like “training wheels on a bike.” Finding our spiritual practice and cultivating inner transformation, which also may include a way to discern from Spirit all energies going on in our lives is a unique process for each person. I have been doing this for years and I see my life path as serving people with this grace I have been given. I have found that as I have given sessions to people they find their way to deepen their spiritual practice, which transforms and blesses their lives.

Attending a Workshop

In a workshop the focus is always awakening to and experiencing Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom touching us in those inscrutable ways to open us to the highest potential of our humanity. I believe this is realizing a path of devoted loving service that is an upward spiral until we take our last breath. It is coming to realize a deep freedom within us, as we allow release of any mental/emotional conditioning throughout our life that is opposed to our call to be the human expression of the divine.

We will have group meditations and time for questions. There will be handouts to practice discerning energies, along with practice of the body meditation and how this can be used to realize optimum health to realize our call from Spirit. When people leave they have spiritual skills by which they can navigate their lives through the experience of Spirit in a workshop.

Right now I am envisioning having a workshop in home for three hours with five to eight people. I could also have a workshop elsewhere with five to 12 people for three hours. The cost for a workshop is $50. I also am offering zoom presentations, bimonthly or monthly. You only need to be on my email list. Request on the form below that you want to be notified of zoom presentations.

For more information on private sessions or workshops, please fill out the following form, call 402-651-1926 or email me at [email protected]

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