Spirit-Centered Healing Presentation

When we gaze upon the Enlightened Ones of humanity, we become aware that our life on earth is a call to respond to Spirit in the depths of our hearts.

As we seek to embody divine qualities, our lives reveal to us that there is but “One” inviolate divine core, the “Uninjured One” within all of us, that can open up to us blessings beyond what we can imagine.

It was my own spiritual journey over the past 54 years that I have experienced such blessings that led to the writing of my recent book, Innocent Perception: A New Lens for Healing.

I lived in a monastic community for 32 years, and I also have explored natural healing over these past 22 years since leaving monastic life. For years I have shared this natural healing with those who need it.

What you can expect in this presentation is to be guided in the meditations from my book. The aim of these meditations is to evoke the experience of our oneness with our eternal loving source/spiritual family — which always yearns to breakthrough to us.

It is in our surrendering ourselves to be touched by the eternal spirit of love in this presentation that will guide and bless us in all that we experience.

A Saturday Afternoon Time for Meditation/Reflection via Zoom

Saturday, June 17, 2023 | 1:30 – 3:00 CT

There is no cost for this session. Donations are appreciated.

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