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Do I want to live fearlessly?

Ask Yourself:

Do I want to live boldly?

Ask Yourself:

Do I want to live confidently?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, continue on.

Accessing Transcendent Wisdom requires only the opening of the mind to the possibility of change regarding how you are currently navigating through life.

Spirit-Centered Healing is a way of healing that comes from accessing Transcendent Wisdom.

Transcendent Wisdom is already within in each human being and it discerns all energies that affect our lives. The basis of this way of healing promotes the health and the well-being of the mind and the body. Such a way combats the emotional and physical hurts of life giving a sense of inner stability and security, which enables a person to stand strong despite the stresses of daily living.

Transcendent Wisdom, is realized through spiritual awareness that is available to every human being and is conducive to any philosophical outlook or religion. It makes use of meditation and other spiritual wellness methods to promote the wholeness of mind and body. Through Transcendent Wisdom every person may discover the deepest meaning and truest purpose of their life.

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About Me

The insights developed in Spirit-Centered Healing have come from my own spiritual journey which began in my early twenties when I was touched in a powerful way by the writings of Christian mystics. This led to my entering a Christian form of monastic life from 1968-2001.

While in monastic life, I studied and practiced meditation as taught in the Eastern and Western Traditions. I also participated in giving Christian/Zen retreats at my monastery from 1990 -1997. In the later part of monastic life, I was drawn to Reiki and through an interest in natural healing became a Reiki Master. In 1999, I went to study and practice natural healing taught by the school of Hanna Kroeger at Peaceful Meadow Retreat Center in Boulder Colorado. Briefly what this method consists in is the use of a pendulum with charts to read where emotional and physical imbalances may be in our bodies, what the causes of these imbalances are, and what is needed to restore wholeness. Spirit-Centered Healing emerged as I sought to integrate the ways of natural healing I learned from the school of Hanna Kroeger with the spiritual wisdom I gained through my many years of monastic life.

Experience a private healing session, either by phone or in person:

Experience a private healing session, either by phone or in person:

Mind / Body Meditation Sessions

In the Mind Meditation you become aware of the core of Eternal-Divine Radiance within you so that you can access its Radiance to bless, heal and illumine your life.

In Body Meditation you become aware of the core of Eternal-Divine Radiance within you harmonizing and healing the systems of your body.


(Fees are for sessions in person or by phone)

1 Hour Session


1.5 Hour Session


4-1 Hour Sessions


Introductory Session Discount Rates (new clients only) include $30 for a 45 minute session or $60 for a 90 minute session.

Note: If after 1 session you want to book 3 more for the rest of the month, the cost for all 4 is $225. Committing yourself to 4 consecutive sessions can be very healing and life-transforming.

Reiki 1 Attunement


Reiki 2 Attunement


Reiki 3 Attunement


Each Reiki attunement includes a Spirit-Centered Healing session.

All major credit cards are accepted.

Contact me for a free 15-minute conversation to see what possibilities a healing session may bring forth for you.


I feel fortunate to have met Steven Distefano through one of his workshops on the concepts of “Spirit Centered Healing”. In both group settings and private counsel session work with Steven I have gained a wealth of information and useful tools to help enrich my life.  Steven calls on his life of spiritual devotion and study of world religious philosophies to help one establish a basis for their own daily conscious engagement with Spirit.  I especially enjoy using meditations he introduced to call and open to Spiritual Guidance and Spiritual Healing.  Using practices suggested by Steven I am learning the importance of actively asking Spirit and actively listening for Spirit’s guidance and replies.  I feel empowered by the concepts of Spirit Centered Healing which address me on mental, physical and Spiritual levels.  I believe in the message and practices of this work. Thank you, Steven for bringing this forward.

Modern conventional medicine told my wife there was nothing more they could offer for her.Her doctors could but keep her on toxic pharmaceuticals combined with narcotics for pain management.

My wife and I had already tried various diets, acupuncture, special supplements, and various therapies.

No improvement for her severe fibromyalgia was found.

I was referred to Steven, met him, gauged his motive and discovered his deep compassion and his brilliant mind.

After the treatments, Reiki and dietary changes recommended by Steven our lives have improved so dramatically.

We have continued to work with Steven and words cannot express our gratitude. 

The teachings and knowledge this man shares are timeless and priceless.

Steven had intuitive insight into my very painful childhood experiences. 

I will be forever grateful to Steven for helping me to overcome my pain thru the positive healing energy of his Reiki treatment. 

Now I am trained in Reiki by Steven. I can bring positive healing energy to family and friends.

Reiki positive healing energy is waiting for you.

I believe the Spirit through you saved my husband’s life. Had I not opened myself up to Mary’s love and compassion and instead allowed myself to act on anger ……my husband would have killed himself last week. He just told me that he FELT the light today. Amazing. He knows absolutely nothing about our experience. He also cried and thanked me for my compassion.

Steven’s enthusiasm for connecting to Source Energy (God, Universal Spirit, whatever you want to call it) is incredibly uplifting and empowering. He speaks and writes beautiful meditations and prayers that help guide your Spirit upward. I always feel better after being in Steven’s presence. He so generously shares his knowledge and time.  Steven is a gifted writer, healer and teacher. His words radiate with love and light healing energy. He is a gentle and generous spirit. His passion for enlightenment and healing know no bounds. Thank you Steven for sharing your love of Spirit, meditation and healing.

I’ve been a spiritual seeker for the past 10 years now. What drew me to Steven during a Wednesday night meditation group was his ability to incorporate visualization and imagination into a powerful personal meditation and follow that with the Healing Reiki experience. I have followed the Way of Devotion ever since.

Steven’s core message of receiving love directly from an enlightened being during meditation catapulted me into another spiritual dimension. I still use the simple, but very meaningful, invocation that Steven taught me to initiate my meditation and prayer time each day. This daily practice helps keep me centered and feeling loved.

The more I experienced the benefits of Reiki, I had Steven attuned me into Reiki level one, two and Reiki Master level III training. Now, thanks to Steven, I can share this natural healing with family and friends. In conclusion, I found Steven’s methods for meditation, prayer and Reiki to be extremely valuable in my daily practice and I highly recommend incorporating his techniques into your spiritual life.

After having sessions of clearing emotional blocks, I was impressed with Steven’s abilities to pinpoint where the causes were from. I felt like old traumas were being lifted and I was able to move ahead with more confidence.

Steven’s assistance guiding me to the best supplements and doctors has been wonderful.  I am partially blind and he helped me find the right eye doctor. My eye pressure had been too high and now it is normal.

With Steven’s suggestion I was attuned to all levels of Reiki.  As a massage therapist, I have been told by a client who feels energy that there is a noticeable shift of greater energy during the session.

More good flows into my life as I follow Steven’s recommendation to meditate daily.  I am grateful for all he has helped me to accomplish!

Working with Steven over the years has been terrific. When I first started out, I had no idea how the healing process would work. I was very skeptical, and like anyone who isn’t familiar with the healing arts and/or meditation, thought it would be a waste of time. I run a lawn care and landscaping company which requires me to work long hours of intense physical labor.

When Steven first introduced me to the idea of having a session I was in so much pain and mental anguish; I was willing to give it a try. After our initial meeting, I felt so relieved, both mentally and physically, I knew that would want to continue. The relaxation and healing techniques that Steven guided me through were unlike anything I had ever experienced in the past. After the first year of meeting with Steven, I felt healthier and more in tune with myself and the world around me than I ever had before.

My spiritual path has deepened over that past several years as I have been attuned to all levels of Reiki by Steven, and as I have developed my daily spiritual practice with his help. Supplements that have come forth in sessions have made a huge difference in my health, especially with a long standing acid reflux problem I have had.

I had no idea I needed to do so much inner work; no idea that I was still carrying so much residue from my previous experiences nor to such a degree;  no idea the degree to which that residue had affected, and was still affecting, my life – none of that.  I had read about sexual abuse from John Bradshaw, but it was only the support and wisdom that you and my Jewish community provided that enabled me to work through and release its impact on my life. Thank you for everything you’ve done.  I could never have accomplished this through my counseling training or with religious training.


The accessing of Transcendent Wisdom is not to be confused with conventional methods of health care. I am not a physician or other such licensed health care professional who might prescribe pharmaceutical medications or supplements. If you are drawn to have a session with me you understand that what is taking place is the accessing of Transcendent Wisdom. Even though imbalances of both mind and body may be brought to light in an intuitive healing session, along with supplements and healing modalities for your wholeness, they come forth from the accessing of Transcendent Wisdom. 

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Contact me for a free 15-minute conversation to see what possibilities a healing session may bring forth for you.