Innocent Perception:
A New Lens for Healing

Innocent Perception is a New Lens for Healing we Need Today!

What is innocent perception and how can we awaken to it?

We can become aware of it as we focus on the Enlightened Ones of humanity, who experienced innocent perception.

It is only by awakening to the inviolate divine core of our humanity, the “Uninjured One” that we can become free to embody the path of service we are called to.

The articles on my website are insights and practices that I have found crucial to realizing my own path. They have come from my spiritual journey over the past 54 years wherein I lived in a monastic community for 32 years, and as I have explored natural healing over these past 22 years since leaving monastic life.

At the present, the culmination of my journey has been the publishing of my recent book: Innocent Perception: A New Lens for HealingWith this publication, my focus is now serving others with the gifts I have been given.

Every child born into the world innately hopes from the divine core of Spirit within them that they will be shown unconditional love and be able to grow and flower into the beloved person they are created/called to be. Given our wounded human condition, we can experience the negative effects of intergenerational ills upon us. We may have experienced being rejected, controlled, abandoned, or abused. Traumas such as these can riddle us with negative subliminal messages about ourselves that are a cause of suffering in our lives. 

No matter what our experience of life has been we need to become aware that we are each called to awaken to the innocent perception of ourselves that can free us to realize the “fullness of life” we are called to in the here and now.

Consider reading the articles on my website. You may feel drawn to book a private session with me by phone or in person for yourself, or for someone else. Or perhaps attending a Spirit-Centered Workshop, or being attuned to Reiki would be of interest to you?


The aim of private sessions, Reiki attunements, workshops, and presentations is to evoke awakening to our own inner core of divine radiance. As we cultivate through a spiritual practice this awareness, we are able to grow into all that we most deeply yearn for – love, kindness, goodness … all qualities that make us truly human.


I offer private healing session either by phone, or in person.

I offer Reiki sessions, as well attunements into all levels of Reiki – I, II, and III. In any Reiki attunement, I always offer a spirit-centered healing session.


I offer workshops in which participants are guided in the guidance and body meditations that opens them to experience the core of divine radiance within them. They are also offered meditations to discover the way best for them to discern from this core all energies going on in their lives. They will be given handouts to assist in the process of making the guidance and body meditations their own.


I offer presentations on Spirit-Centered Healing to Churches, spiritual communities, student groups, recovery groups, any group who is interested in healing and wholeness for mind and body.

About Me

The insights developed in Spirit-Centered Healing have come from my own spiritual journey which began in my early 20s when I was touched in a powerful way by the writings of Christian mystics. This led to my entering a Christian form of monastic life from 1968 to 2000.

While in monastic life, I was involved in inter-religious dialogue. I studied and practice meditation has taught in the Eastern and Western traditions. I also participated in giving Christian/Zen for a number of years.

I felt guided to leave monastic life and search out a path of healing work, because of my own need to heal from early traumatic experiences that a traditional form of monastic life would not allow.

This has been a long journey of 20+ years, and the fruit of it has been my book, INNOCENT PERCEPTION: A New Lens for Healing. The guidance meditation, and the body meditation in my book have come from my own journey of inner healing, and also from giving private healing sessions to many people.

Now in my 79th year of life, I am completely devoted to making the way of Spirit-Centered Healing known in service of my fellow human beings.

Experience a private healing session, either by phone or in person:

Guidance/Body Meditations

In the Guidance Meditation you become aware of your own core of Divine Radiance within you bringing forth blessing, healing, and illumination to your life.

In Body Meditation you become aware of your own core of Divine Radiance within you harmonizing and healing the systems of your body.


I accept donations for presentations to communities, groups, etc.

Spirit-Centered Healing Workshop at my home, 5-8 people for 3 hours, $50 per person.

If the workshop is held elsewhere, it can be. 5-12 people, $50 per person

Private session by phone or in person:

60 Minute Session: $50

60-90 Minute Session: $60

2 Hour Session: $85

Reiki I, II, III attunements (each includes a Spirit-Centered Healing session): $150

To book any service I offer, or for more information, contact me: Steven Distefano