Innocent Perception:
A New Lens for Healing

Chapter One, A New Lens for Healing, is from Steven’s  new book, available now on Amazon: Innocent Perception: A New Lens for Healing

Why are we born?

What is it that can give to our lives that depth of meaning we all yearn for?

Our deepest need is to awaken to the transcendent freedom of love that all the enlightened ones of humanity show us. Only as we awaken to this freedom in the depths of our own hearts can we be liberated from so much that opposes our responding to the universal call from Spirit proclaimed by the world’s major religious traditions.

Our perceptions create what we experience. What blocks us the most from realizing the life of the Spirit we deeply yearn for is the unconscious perceptions of ourselves begun in the first five years of life that tell us we are not good enough, or defective in some way, and that we cannot aspire to respond to our own unique call from Spirit in the here and now. What we need is to recover the innocent perception of ourselves given in our creation. It is the guidance meditation and the body meditation in Steven’s book that opens us to receive the experience of “who we really are” from the loving ground of Spirit.

Once we sense our own core of divine radiance, in communion with our eternal loving source/spiritual family being awakened in us, a door opens wide wherein we can discern all energies in our life towards manifesting to the world as the beloved sacred spirit-person we are created/called to be. We know instinctively, intuitively, where we can always turn in whatever we experience, to be guided for the highest good of ourselves and our fellow beings.

Viewing the video on the guidance and the body meditations, and reading chapter one of my book – both on my website – will give you a sense of what Spirit-Centered Healing offers.


The aim of private sessions, Reiki attunements, workshops, and presentations is to evoke awakening to our own inner core of divine radiance. As we cultivate through a spiritual practice this awareness, we are able to grow into all that we most deeply yearn for – love, kindness, goodness … all qualities that make us truly human.


I offer private healing session either by phone, or in person.

I offer Reiki sessions, as well attunements into all levels of Reiki – I, II, and III. In any Reiki attunement, I always offer a spirit-centered healing session.


I offer workshops in which participants are guided in the guidance and body meditations that opens them to experience the core of divine radiance within them. They are also offered meditations to discover the way best for them to discern from this core all energies going on in their lives. They will be given handouts to assist in the process of making the guidance and body meditations their own.


I offer presentations on Spirit-Centered Healing to Churches, spiritual communities, student groups, recovery groups, any group who is interested in healing and wholeness for mind and body.

About Me

The insights developed in Spirit-Centered Healing have come from my own spiritual journey which began in my early 20s when I was touched in a powerful way by the writings of Christian mystics. This led to my entering a Christian form of monastic life from 1968 to 2000.

While in monastic life, I was involved in inter-religious dialogue. I studied and practice meditation has taught in the Eastern and Western traditions. I also participated in giving Christian/Zen for a number of years.

I felt guided to leave monastic life and search out a path of healing work, because of my own need to heal from early traumatic experiences that a traditional form of monastic life would not allow.

This has been a long journey of 20+ years, and the fruit of it has been my book, INNOCENT PERCEPTION: A New Lens for Healing. The guidance meditation, and the body meditation in my book have come from my own journey of inner healing, and also from giving private healing sessions to many people.

Now in my 79th year of life, I am completely devoted to making the way of Spirit-Centered Healing known in service of my fellow human beings.

Experience a private healing session, either by phone or in person:

Guidance/Body Meditations

In the Guidance Meditation you become aware of your own core of Divine Radiance within you bringing forth blessing, healing, and illumination to your life.

In Body Meditation you become aware of your own core of Divine Radiance within you harmonizing and healing the systems of your body.


I accept donations for presentations to communities, groups, etc.

Workshops which last 3 to 4 hours (5 to 100 participants) cost is $50 per person.

Private session by phone or in person:

60 Minute Session: $50

60-90 Minute Session: $60

2 Hour Session: $85

Reiki I, II, III attunements (each includes a Spirit-Centered Healing session): $150

To book any service I offer, or for more information, contact me: Steven Distefano