Transcendent Wisdom vs. Conventional Wisdom

It is crucial to get the difference between what I have termed “transcendent loving wisdom” is and what is commonly referred to as “conventional wisdom.” When we are moved by faith, trust, hope, and love to open to Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom, we are opening to the Source of all that is. What is most intimate and personal to us is “our eternal loving source, unfailing guide, and final goal of the entire created Cosmos.” As human beings we have the capacity to become aware of this.

We are from, towards, and ordered by the fullness of transcendent loving wisdom. The gift of our mortal existence should evoke this deep intuition within us. And even though we may be affected by the collective negative karmic energies in human consciousness, we are meant to experience the Spirit in us ordering “rightly” all our capacities for thought, feeling, speaking, and acting so that we realize our call to be the human expression of the divine.

Throughout my book this is always realized through the way of devotion. When through our spiritual practice we open to communion with our eternal loving source/spiritual family these verses evoke accessing transcendent loving wisdom:

O (names for eternal loving source/spiritual family),

What blessing, healing, illumination does Spirit now bring forth in my life that I may realize my call to serve the highest good of all, myself, and everyone as the beloved sacred spirit-persons we are created/called to be, indeed that we truly are? Amen (Apply your way of listening for guidance.)

The deep insight here is that such verses evoke our experience of Spirit in the depths of our hearts wherein we know with inner conviction that what is brought forth can be trusted completely. When we experience the release of stored grief, a touch of inner peace, love, being guided to healing modalities that are right for us, discerning the degree to which any advice offered us is true, being guided to right choices in relationships … and any such happenings in our life, all are instances in which we experience Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom at work in our lives.

What is always foundational in my book is first be willing to with complete trust to surrender to your eternal loving source/spiritual family, as your heart moves you. Allow what you experience in the surrender of yourself, to open you to devotion to your call to embody divine qualities Spirit inspires in you through finding what your spiritual practice is. And from this experience, ask if you are called to find a way to discern from Spirit all energies in your life for your growth in the Spirit.

Conventional Wisdom

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020 there has been a deep drive to find a vaccine to combat the coronavirus. Western conventional medicine is surely a way to help the situation of the coronavirus. However, it leaves out that we can discern from transcendent loving wisdom all healing modalities that keep our body systems at a high vibration of health. I believe that when both through experiencing the radiating energies of Spirit, and taking the healing modalities Spirit gives, we have a natural immunity from any and all viruses. I have asked Spirit for discernment on getting the vaccine and what came was “no.” It is up to each person to listen from Spirit through their way of guidance what they are given in this matter.

Generally, Western conventional wisdom waits until they detect a symptom, which they then treat – largely with pharmaceutical drugs. In asking what blessing, healing, illumination Spirit would bring forth for the wholeness of mind and body, Spirit discerns such things as repressed emotional pain as a cause behind a symptom we may have, as well as any supplements that balance our body systems. For the most part, Western medicine leaves this out entirely.

As we open to eternal source/spirit family asking: O (name for eternal source/spiritual family) to what degree is this medical advice in harmonious accord with the wholeness of mind and body I truly need to realize my divine calling on earth?, we may find that it is right on, partially beneficial, or that it is not beneficial at all. It is always wise to ask how transcendent loving wisdom discerns any advice given. 

Spirit discerns imbalances in the arterial system and gives what is needed to rebalance long before such imbalance might cause a heart attack, or a stroke. Likewise, Spirit discerns in a woman the imbalance in her mammary glands, the underlying causes, and the way of rebalancing long before something like cancer develops. The same could be said of any number of diseases. This demonstrates how crucial being able to discern all energies going on in us is for our well-being.

In the body meditation I have developed in my book, we meditate on the outpouring eternal spirit of love radiating to every body system. We can be healed instantaneously by this radiation of love alone. At the end of the meditation, there is always asking Spirit if any body system is out of balance, the underlying cause of imbalance, and what is needed to rebalance. Often this will be releasing stored emotional pain, and also discerning any healing modalities we may need.

As I have devoted myself to my daily spiritual practice, which includes accessing transcendent loving wisdom with my spiritual family on earth and in heaven, on this side and the other side, I find that discerning all energies in myself, or others, has deepened, and is spontaneous. The higher dimension of transcendent loving wisdom guides us in all things if we are willing to open to it. The more we devote ourselves to it, the stronger it gets.

When we are unable to know that we can trust the harmonizing, beneficent energies of the Spirit to guide us in all things, we generally are left with trial by error approaches. Such approaches often exact from us our time, energy, finances and above all can bring forth anxiety, fear, and doubt. Because we lack inner conviction of what is in harmony with Spirit within us, we seek the answer outside of us that can give us some resolution, but may be disappointing and frustrating. It is when we see our life as our call to realize our eternal destiny in the here and now, having no doubt that Spirit always discerns accurately what we need, that we have inner peace in whatever we experience.