The Spiritual and Physical Causes of Ill-Health

I have no doubt that Spirit guided me to embrace the healing wisdom of Hanna Kroeger. She was known as “The Grandmother of Health” and her work has blessed countless lives. The foundation for her way of healing is her development of “The 7 Physical and 7 Spiritual Causes of Ill-Health.” Over the past 22 years I have made these insights my own and I view them in the light of allowing transcendent loving wisdom to discern these causes in my own life, or in the life of others, as I make use of the intuitive way of guidance Spirit has given me.

Another way to describe “ill-health” is to say “dis-ease with self.” In giving many sessions over the years, I have discovered that it is spiritual causes, which are most detrimental to us. Spiritual causes above all are those interactions that occurred anytime in our lives when we experienced being hurt and injured, but most especially in the first five years. In early developmental stages, such experiences get stored in the unconscious and block us from being able to sense life-giving qualities in relationships as we grow and develop. They also can manifest as adverse physical symptoms and even severe diseases.

When we are riddled with stored pain, it conditions us to “grasp at life,” rather than allowing ourselves “to be grasped” by the deepest mystery of life that is the outpouring freedom of divine love – that is in/with/through all that we are. Why becoming aware of spiritual causes that enforce the “grasping/greed,” “aversion/hatred” tendencies in us is so important, is that when we are not aware of them, they will continue to impact our lives. In whatever way we have experienced being wounded, what is so crucial is knowing where we can turn to experience those life-giving energies from Spirit throughout our entire being.

The guidance and body meditations in my book, Innocent Perception: A New Lens for Healing, always turn us to our communion with our eternal loving source/spiritual family that open us to experience ourselves being totally and unconditionally loved for who we are created/called to be. This experience is the basis for discerning “all things” that we need to realize our call to be the human expression of the divine. We are meant to experience the benevolence of life in manifesting love, compassion, kindness and all such qualities. We are meant to experience freedom from anything that opposes this state of blessedness.

What is foundational in my book is that the outpouring of the all-permeating divine light, the eternal spirit of love at the core of our being, is completely free of all distortion, pain, grief and illness and can profoundly bless, heal, and illuminate our lives. This is the primary focus of the meditations in my book. And I have experienced that this focus readily discerns spiritual and physical causes going on in us, which does make a huge difference in our lives.

There was a time when I was writing my book that I thought that I needed to put a disclaimer, to say something like: The author is not responsible if you should misuse this book and harm yourself, or others with whom you might share it. I emailed this to a mentor of many years and asked if he had any thoughts. He emailed me back and wrote: If you put this disclaimer in your book, your book is completely vitiated.

He was absolutely on target. As soon as we bring forth the thought that as we would open to our eternal loving source/spiritual family that always yearns to heal and bless us, that in some way we would be misled or harmed, we have sown doubt and fear in our lives making the awakening of faith impossible. And so, my book has no disclaimer.

When we consider our experience throughout our life to the present moment, do we recognize our need to turn to our eternal loving source/spiritual family for healing? Are we willing to recognize the pain, grief, and unhappiness we have experienced, and which perhaps still affects us?  Above all, are we willing to turn with trust and surrender to open to an experience of “transcendence” wherein we can be touched by those deep harmonizing energies of Spirit? Innately, you have the capacity to experience transcendent loving wisdom, and from this deep dynamic energy within you to discern “all things” to realize the sacred mystery you are. We can choose to remain unconscious of this, but nonetheless it is “our truth.”

Only our experience of Spirit touching us can move us, even compel us, to seek to devote ourselves to manifest divine qualities mentioned in the exercise in article three – divine wisdom, love, light, life, truth, joy, peace, mercy, loving-kindness, generosity, compassion, forgiveness, forbearance, patience, equanimity. Or your focus on that eternal-divine reality, which constitutes your being, can be whatever image, verses, express this for you. Some choose just “OM.” Others choose images, mantras, and prayers from the various spiritual traditions.

The form of the guidance and body meditations in my book opened me to experience my divine core being awakened. In finding my way of intuitive guidance, I found The Pendulum Charts, Volume 1, by Dale W. Olson to be helpful. In this publication are 50 charts with a list of both spiritual and physical causes. Most especially are two charts that list all unconscious messages we could have been imprinted with in childhood, or anytime in our life, along with negative stored emotions. In giving many sessions, I find these subliminal messages are above all what we need to become conscious of, and let them go.

Anyone can know these, as well as every supplement and healing modality, which are readily available on the internet. The most important question is: How can we become conscious of negative subliminal energies going in us and allow them to be released? How can we know what healing modalities we might need? In my book, it is always Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom awakened in us as we devote ourselves to realizing our own unique call from Spirit.   

I have found that in this way of accessing guidance, it always involves trusting that Spirit yearns to discern accurately what we need to realize our call to be the human expression of the divine. Our coming to complete trust in this is a process, which can be trying. I experienced this in going through intense suffering of mind and body coming up from the early abuse I experienced.

Going through this has led me to an inner knowing that Spirit is faithful to our quest and always gives what we truly need. I have complete confidence that in meeting with another, Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom is “the doer” of what transpires throughout the healing session and brings forth for anyone I serve what they need to be aware of. 

Whether in the solitude of our own hearts, or in meeting with others to receive guidance from our radiant divine core, we are always on holy ground. There are no rules, or taboos. There is only complete trust and devotion to the “One Spirit” that always calls out to us. Trust, surrender, and letting go is what is needed on our part.