Transcendent Loving Wisdom Discerns All Things

In these articles it is good to remember the foundational insight in my book: human life is a call to respond to Spirit understood as our eternal loving source, unfailing guide, and the final goal of all that is. The image of transcendent loving wisdom as the love that moves the sun and other stars, to draw upon the poet Dante, and which continually calls us to awaken and be the human expression of the divine, is the unswerving focus throughout my book.

What is most crucial is to open to receive and experience those harmonizing, blessed energies that radiate forth from our own divine core. And the way of devotion, as practiced in all the higher spiritual traditions is the way to realize this. The basic insight here is that when we devote ourselves to those who experienced Spirit breaking through to them, it awakens the eternal spirit of love in the depths of our own hearts and our yearning to respond to the call from Spirit we are given. The following spiritual exercise demonstrates this:

Allow Spirit to guide you to a posture that is most conducive to meditation. As you find that posture, take in a deep breath, breathe out and allow any cares, worries, inner stress to be released. Now in whatever way you are drawn, open your heart to your eternal loving source and to members of your spiritual family who have manifested lives of devoted loving service, most especially focus on one being of love you are drawn to (Jesus, Buddha …).

O (Jesus, Buddha …), with deep gratitude and humility, I call to mind your wondrous awakening on earth to (Eternal Spirit, Abba/Amma, Heavenly Father/Divine Mother’s/ Eternal Loving Creator’s …) outpouring divine, all-permeating light, the eternal spirit of love from within the depths of your own heart,

Your radiating the eternal spirit of love, touching the hearts of people, especially the suffering, the poor, the marginalized, your life of devoted loving service to the very end.

Down through the ages your radiant presence has touched countless people, and now O (Jesus, Buddha …), you are present to me in radiant light. O (Jesus, Buddha …), with all that I am, with all that I have experienced throughout my whole life, from my earliest beginning in the womb, up to and including all that I am experiencing now, (pause to express what is uppermost, or simply bring it to awareness, especially if painful), I trust completely that you see me, you know me, you love me as the beloved sacred spirit-person I am created/called to be, indeed who I truly am,

And that you understand my quest to awaken and to embody as it is given to me (Eternal Spirit, Abba/Amma, Heavenly Father/Divine Mother’s/ Eternal Loving Creator’s …)

(Now bring awareness to your third eye/crown chakra and hold your hands in front of you, facing outward as you imagine/intuit/visualize these qualities radiating from your heart’s deepest center out through your hands to all your fellow beings),

Divine wisdom, love, light, life, truth, joy, peace, mercy, loving-kindness, generosity, compassion, forgiveness, forbearance, patience, equanimity … (each person may add or subtract from this list as guided)

In serving the highest good of all, myself, and everyone as the beloved sacred spirit-persons we are created/called to be. (Breathe deeply, keeping your focus on your third eye/crown chakra allowing your breath to breathe itself in you. Stay with this and allow what experience Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom brings forth in you.)  

In this meditation did you in some way experience Spirit breaking through to you? Perhaps you felt inner peace awakening with you? Or you may have felt grief held in you that came up for release? There may have been other significant “touches” that you sense came from the ineffable presence of the divine within you.

What is crucial to grasp is that in such a meditation as the above, you are opening to the possibility of transcendent loving wisdom inspiring you and guiding you in every aspect of your life, as you focus on responding to your own unique call from Spirit. Generally, our choices to realize happiness and well-being are determined by deep patterns of conditioning that go back to imprints from childhood we received in our family system. Also, they are also based on what “conventional wisdom” offers, which includes professional advice in many areas such as Western, alternative medicine, and psychology. And then there is all the input from the internet, peers, etc.

When we open to allow the intuition of Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom to discern “all things” that we may realize our divine calling given us on earth, it discerns accurately any choice we might avail ourselves of. For it is the source of any human wisdom that has sought to uplift humanity. A prayer that resounds throughout my book to receive guidance from Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom, as we call upon our eternal loving source/spiritual family is as follows:

Prayer for Guidance

O (names for eternal loving source/spiritual family), in communion with you I pray and listen:

What blessing, healing, illumination does Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom, now bring forth in my life in all I am presently experiencing that is in harmonious accord with the wholeness of mind and body that I truly need, to realize the call I am given? (Bringing awareness to the third eye and crown chakra, listen within to access guidance in the way given you.)

What can give us unfailingly the accurate discernment of any choice we might make that is in “harmonious accord” with our call from Spirit? One way I have found is that in a prayerful, meditative state focusing on the divine qualities in the above exercise always brings forth what I truly need as I make use of my intuitive way of guidance. There is also a prayer for finding a way to access intuitive guidance from transcendent loving wisdom:

Prayer For Finding a Way to Access Guidance

O (eternal source/spiritual family you call upon), how am I to access guidance to discern all energies that affect me that I may have the wholeness of mind and body to serve the highest good of all, myself, and everyone, as the beloved sacred spirit-persons we are created/called to be, indeed that we truly are?

Am I to receive inner messages from within? (pause and listen)
Am I to use muscle testing as I ask questions? (pause and listen)
Am I to be given a “yes/no” sign in my body as I ask questions? (pause and listen)
Am I to make use of the pendulum getting my yes/no as I ask questions? (pause and listen)
Am I to make use of a pendulum with charts? (pause and listen)
Is there some other way? (pause and listen)

My gut intuition tells me that receiving from Spirit the way to discern energies going on in my life actually saved my life. I knew that from asking from Spirit that adverse symptoms I experienced were caused from early abuse, and that the intervention of Western medicine was not called for. What was crucial was Spirit discerning negative thought forms of myself, as well as stored emotional pain such as deep anger, rage, sadness, grief, and fear, panic and terror. As I called upon eternal loving source/spiritual family the healing from this stored pain was immense.

What also was crucial was Spirit discerning all healing modalities I needed such as herbal formulas, vitamins, minerals, etc. The article on “The Spiritual and Physical Causes of Ill-Health” will give you a broad spectrum of healing wisdom that can make a huge difference in your life.