How Transcendent Loving Wisdom is the Healer of Pain and Grief

Spirit, “Transcendent Loving Wisdom” is the outpouring divine mystery of love that expresses itself in the entire created Cosmos, and for our considerations here, our planet Mother Earth and all the life forms on Earth. Most especially we are meant to experience wonder and awe that we are the zenith of the eternal mystery of love’s expression. We are called to open ourselves to the awareness that this cosmic universal love is the deepest truth of “who we are,” and is meant to express itself through our created capacities for thought, feeling, speaking, and acting.

This should evoke wonder and awe within us. Transcendent loving wisdom always yearns to breakthrough to us, however, our human conditioning overlays us with subliminal negative messages of ourselves which block Spirit from awakening within us. Our deepest ill is that when we are not aware of our unique call to respond to Spirit from those inviolable sacred depths within us, the instinctual drives of our human nature become disordered.

From giving many healing sessions, I believe this is most evident in human relationships. Couples fall in love and get married and they can find that as they progress in their marriage, conflict and division begins to arise from negative imprints from early childhood stored within them. Instead of being able to grow into a wholesome relationship of mutual love and respect, their relationship suffers eventually from subtle patterns of grasping and “getting power over,” which also affects their children.

These currents of energy come from their unconscious negative perceptions of what they took love to be, generally from the first five years. Giving sessions to divorced women who suffered from abusive husbands, a common refrain is: “Why didn’t I leave him sooner?” I believe it was because they were not aware that their perception of love was formed early in life by their experience of being abused by a parent, or another member of their family. Their need to feel loved became fused with having to submit to being abused, dominated, controlled, feeling rejected or whatever form of abuse they experienced. And it is this stored energy in their child’s body that can be such a deep cause of anguish.

I myself experienced this. After I left monastic life to study and practice natural healing I sought to integrate this wisdom into the spiritual wisdom from the monastic traditions I had learned over many years. I began to give sessions and entered into a relationship. As years went on a lot of grief began to surface in this relationship. I was guided to go to a highly gifted therapist, Jane, who was not a conventional type of therapist. She was sexually abused in early childhood by family members. As she married and had children the impact of the abuse would land her in the hospital, she would be released and then go back in. Along with this she had the crisis with her husband being an alcoholic.

It was when Jane met the renowned family therapist Virginia Satir that she found her way to heal from early abuse. Virginia had deep insight into how we are affected by energies in our family system. She was able to see the dysfunction of her parents at a young age and developed “family therapy” through her writings and the books she wrote. When I went to Jane and brought forth all I was experiencing in my relationship with this woman she asked me: “Were you ever sexually abused.” I told her that I had wondered at times if this could be true.

Then I said that I wanted to ask who could have abused me early in life. I lived in an extended family and also with an Aunt and Uncle because my mom was ill and could not take care of me. At this time I was practicing intuitive guidance from Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom using my body sign of “yes” and “no.” As I named every person whom I could have interacted with in my first five years, Spirit showed me the person who abused me as my body bowed forward, which is my “yes” sign. I said to Jane that I had no memories of this person abusing me. She said that I did not have a conscious memory of the abuse, but the memory of the abuse was stored in my body from early childhood when the abuse occurred.

After this I went for sessions with Jane to heal from stored pain and grief that began to come up. There was one session in which the insights I developed in my book came forth. I was lying on the floor and I asked Jane to radiate light to me that I might heal from the abuse. As she began to do this she threw out this question: “Imagine Jesus before you and ask him what he wants you to be aware of.” As I did this I immediately experienced intense grief as my feet went up in the air. From this experience I knew intuitively that I could upon my eternal loving source that shone through my spiritual family – all those Enlightened Ones such as Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Saints, Bodhisattvas, and that I would receive the healing I needed.

It was this experience that led to my developing over the years the guidance and the body meditations that are in my book. Basically in both meditations there is the calling upon your eternal loving source/spiritual family your heart is drawn to be with you in whatever you are experiencing. The following verses give a sense of this. You may also want to come up with your own way of expressing what I have developed here.

O my eternal loving source (God, Eternal Loving Creator, Great Spirit, Brahman, Tao, Divine Who I Am, Allah …)

In communion with my spiritual family (Jesus, Buddha, Mary, Saints, Bodhisattvas, Yogis …)

I open to receive the outpouring divine all-permeating light, the eternal spirit of love, from within the depths of my own heart,

With all that I am, with all that I have experienced throughout my whole life, from my earliest beginning in the womb, up to and including all that I am experiencing now, (you may want to express what this is, or simply bring it to awareness.)

I trust completely that you see me, you know me, you love me as the beloved sacred spirit-person I am created/called to be, indeed who I truly am in your sight,

I now pray and listen deeply:

What blessing, healing, illumination does Spirit, transcendent loving wisdom now bring forth in my life that I may realize my call to serve the highest good of all, myself, and everyone as the beloved sacred spirit-persons we are created/called to be, indeed that we truly are? Amen (Apply your way of accessing guidance from Spirit you are given).

As we recognize our need for healing and open up with trust, faith, hope, and love in calling upon our eternal loving source/spiritual family and also ask for a way to discern all energies to respond to our own unique call from Spirit, we can experience profound healing and inner transformation. The article, “Transcendent Loving Wisdom Discerns All Things,” will give you insights how you might realize this.