Long Distant Healing, Blessing

I am aware of a grace that has been given me over many years to serve others through the radiation of Spirit. This has included 32 years of monastic life as well as exploring natural healing over the past 22 years. It has also come from giving many healing sessions. If you have some need you would like me to radiate Spirit to, let me know and I will focus with my eternal loving source/spiritual family as I radiate light. Verses I will always use as I do this are:

In communion with eternal loving source/spiritual family, the eternal spirit of love radiates forth to bless (name/s) as the beloved sacred spirit-person(s) they are created/called to be.

In our life on earth, in all the relationships, the events that make up our life, we are always enveloped by the cosmic universal love of the eternal source that continually gives birth to the Cosmos, our lives, all that is. We did not have to be. Our lives are a pure gift from our Eternal Source that creates us from the eternal freedom of its own love.

It is above all The Enlightened Ones who reveal to us that our eternal loving source/spiritual family always yearns for us to experience true happiness/blessedness and to be a source of blessing for others. I believe that in my awareness of this, as I radiate light to any need you might present, it can heal, bless you in ways beyond what you can imagine.

I want to make it clear that in radiating light to whatever need you present – an event such as a wedding, career, for yourself or someone else, for grief in relationships, heath issues, financial issues … This is not a healing session as you might have by phone or in person. However, what you may experience from my radiating light to in whatever you present, may inspire you to have a session. The article on my website, “The Benefits of Having a Private Session or Attending a Workshop” would make you aware of what you could expect in session with me. You may be drawn to read other articles also.

There is no charge for long distance healing/blessing. A donation within your means would be appreciated.

You can make known your request by email, or by text:
Email: [email protected]
Text: 402-651-1926