Healing Through The Way Of Devotion

Accessing Transcendent Wisdom 

for Healing and Balance of Your Mind and Body  

The human journey is all about waking up and responding to the universal call from Spirit. This is proclaimed by all of the major world religions. This book is the fruit of my own spiritual journey, which over many years has become my lifelong devotion to a path of healing work that l call Spirit-Centered Healing.

Back in the 1960s during my last year of college when I was going through a crisis, I was drawn to the sacred chanting of the Roman Catholic tradition, which was the tradition I was raised in. This also led to my reading the writings of Catholic Saints and mystics. Shortly after that, I graduated and began working. While I was at home recovering from a motorcycle accident, I happened to be reading a poem of St. John of the Cross, a great mystical teacher of the Roman Catholic tradition. Upon finishing it, I experienced a deep touch in my soul and an infusion of new life.      

I had also joined the Army reserves and went to training in the period of the Vietnam War. While in Army reserve training, I felt an inspiration to enter a particular monastic community. After Army reserve training, I was guided to visit this monastery. Returning home from my visit I decided to join. After 6 months I left this monastery seeing that I needed a different community.

Within a year I was guided in 1968 to enter the Trappist Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani. As my monastic life unfolded I found myself being drawn to the interreligious dialogue taking place in the 1980s, especially with Hinduism and Buddhism. I found the study and practice of Eastern traditions immensely enriching. It was a special blessing when His Holiness, the Dalai Lama visited the Abbey twice with his fellow monks and teachers. I also participated in giving Christian/Zen retreats at the Abbey of Gethsemani for 7 years with a Zen Master from a nearby Korean Zen temple.  

In the mid-1990s, while I was going through an experience of deep grief, which seemed to come out of nowhere, I went for therapy sessions to this Zen master who was also a psychologist. At this time I also encountered the spiritual practice of Reiki and the healing work of Hanna Kroeger. It was these two influences that made me see that I needed to take a leave of absence from monastic life and study the work of Hanna Kroeger.  

After practicing Hanna Kroeger’s way of healing, it became clear that I needed to be released from my monastic vows to follow a path of healing work. It was a poignant realization that the traditional structure of monastic life would not allow my search into the depths of healing that I knew I personally needed.

Since 2001, l have been involved in this search, and I have no doubt that Spirit has blessed me with a grace of healing which has culminated in the writing of this book. I wrote this book because I feel it meets a universal need to discover ways to heal the various emotional and physical ills that so many people suffer from. Spirit-Centered Healing brings together the ancient wisdom of the higher spiritual traditions, which I acquired from many years of living monastic life with the natural ways of healing I explored since taking leave of monastic life.

Is there an Eternal-Divine power within us all that we are given by the very fact of being created, and which sustains us in each moment of our lives? Yes, there is and this  power is the core of Eternal-Divine Radiance that we are each born with. It is completely free of all pain, grief and illness and we can access it to profoundly bless, heal and illumine our lives.

As you read this book you will meet people who actually discovered this. I hope that you will find your way to make your own the prayerful, practical, meditative approach to healing and inner transformation that is presented in these pages.

I offer a particular note of gratitude for the sincere seeking of those to whom I have given sessions over the years and which are recorded in this book. I also bow to Hanna Kroeger, this devoted servant of the Spirit, whose healing wisdom has profoundly blessed and guided me in my path of healing work.

Above all I am grateful to the Eternal Source of grace that has guided me through my life and blessed me in my interactions with family, monastic community, and continued friendships. This book is dedicated to the Outpouring Light/Love of that Eternal One that always seeks to bring forth in every life all that is good and true for the benefit of all.

Steven Distefano
September 2018